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At Champs Within we use boxing as a tool to foster positive social interaction in a supportive and controlled environment, empowering one another to achieve our goals, reach our full potential and be the best versions of ourselves. 


Boxing can be a great way to meet new people and learn from your peers; our programme is designed to foster mutual respect and understanding, as well as boost self-confidence and communication skills amongst students.


Our coaches are not only professionals in the field of boxing but also have vast experience with kids of all ages and backgrounds. 


Our commitment to community engagement, education, and the health and well being of children is at the forefront of everything we do. We are passionate about providing kids with a safe space in which they can channel their energy and emotions, as well as develop skills they can take with them into the future.

Our sessions are energetic, fun, and innovative and can be tailored to focus on the specific needs and development requirements of the group.



Boxing is one of the best sports in the world for anyone looking to improve their physical well being. Each of our sessions has been carefully designed to allow students to develop new skills, build strength and improve endurance and stamina. 


Our programme also focuses largely on the incredible benefits boxing can have on mental health. Boxing requires 100% concentration and focus; allowing students to switch off from the outside world, release endorphins and improve their emotional state. Outside of boxing, our coaches and ambassadors are dedicated to providing students with a safe space, where they are listened to, feel heard and can comfortably talk about concerns and troubles without fear of judgement.

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